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Founders First partners with ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their beer or spirits business.


We enable business founders to think big, act with agility and retain their independence.

We offer growth capital, market access, cost effective business solutions and deep industry experience and expertise.

We run a fast and focused process; from understanding business needs, to investment and scalable operational solutions.

Ultimately, we back the founders to succeed… and love being part of the journey.

What we look for 

We invest in entrepreneurs with bold ambitions; exciting small and medium-sized businesses, with teams demonstrating the acumen and appetite to fulfil their potential and become the iconic, industry-leading names of tomorrow.


If you are an early or mid-stage Australian brewing or distilling company with promising traction and grand ambition we can undertake an initial investment - and potentially more in subsequent rounds, to help you succeed.

What we offer 

Founders First funds many different growth strategies; including acquisitions, sales & marketing, expansion rollouts, exporting and fixed assets. 

We recognise that companies need more than just money. Alongside our investment, we provide practical and strategic support directly through the Founders First team and also through access to our broader networks. Our aim is to scale and accelerate business growth while supporting the building of organisational capability to sustain it.

We like to think of ourselves as every bit as passionate and entrepreneurial as the businesses we back and try to work with the respect, empathy and honesty that entrepreneurs deserve.


What we stand for 

Collaboration and participation in local communities is central to our ethos. 

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