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Concrete Playground on Jetty Road's South Melbourne Beer Oasis

Concrete Playground reports on Jetty Road's plans for a South Melbourne venue as hype grows since the brewery announced their intent to expand in the form of an inner-city brewpub.

"The team has lodged an application to transform a sizeable chunk of real estate on Market Street into a multi-storey beer oasis, complete with a fully operational microbrewery, a 250-seat modern Australian restaurant and a mezzanine dining space.

The new venue is set to bring Jetty Road's trademark laid-back coastal vibes to the city, reimagined with an urban edge. More concrete plans will be revealed once the project's officially been given the green light, though we do know Head Brewer Blake Bowden is keen to start working on some new experimental beers and launch a barrel-aging program."

For the full article, read here.

For more information on Jetty Road's plans for an inner-city gastropub read here.


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