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Foghorn Brewery Can Their First Batch of IPA

It was an exciting day on Thursday, and one long anticipated by the beer lovers of Newcastle. Founders First partner brand, Foghorn Brewery canned their first batch of Young Americans IPA. The cans will now be available in the venue as takeaways, a long lasting, fresh replacement to the growlers that are also available. The Young Americans IPA is the first of Foghorn's signature beers to hit the can. Coming soon to join the IPA are local favourites the 'Newy Pale Ale', 'Sligo Stout' and 'Summer Ale'. Like many of Shawn's beers the Young Americans IPA has stacked up a list of awards including a gold medal in the AIBA awards (The Australian International Beer Awards). The beginning of Foghorn's tinnies marks the beginning of Foghorn's expansion outside of the venue. It is both Founders and Foghorn's intention to capitalise on the growing demand for Foghorn cans around the Newcastle area, with plans to expand nationally as the Foghorn brand continues to accelerate distribution and it's growing reputation in the craft beer world. Pictured below is the first can of Young Americans off the canning line, brewers Joe and Shawn cracking open their first tinnie and the first carton being sold to one of Newy's locals.


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