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Foghorn Re-Launches with 4th of July Party

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

"We've changed the name from brewhouse to brewery to better reflect the changes we've been going through. It's an evolution of our food offering within the venue, and it's the start of a bit of a revolution in terms of our beers and presence outside the brewery," Sherlock says.

'The best news to come out of the FogHorn relaunch, though, is the prospect for beer fans to finally get to hold of an ice cold can of FogHorn beer in their hot little hands.

Read the full story from the Newcastle Herald here.

'Over the past four years, FogHorn Brewhouse had, quite rightly, gained a reputation for producing some of the best beers this region had to offer.

After announcing that the site was up for sale late last year, the venue, now renamed FogHorn Brewery is going from strength to strength.' Newcastle Live also reported on the exciting changes happening at Foghorn, read the story here.

“Then there’s going hell for leather, as big as you can go, in the packaging and distribution model.” Read the full article by BrewNews here.


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