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Founders First award winning Adelaide brewpub Sparkke at the Whitmore re-opens Today

As restrictions for COVID-19 continue to ease and restaurants, cafes and bars re-open their doors.

Sparkke at the Whitmore’s award-winning fare restaurant today opens its doors with a brand-new menu to welcome people back.

The menu has been carefully curated by Head Chef Emma McCaskill who says it is about building Fare, it’s been asleep and now it is alive!

“We have some of our dishes that are customer favourites like our dumplings and broccolini but we have spent 11 weeks strategically working on this new menu and waiting to open.”

“Sustainability remains at the core of Fare’s kitchen, allowing the team to close the loop and look at food holistically by refining systems to minimise waste. Emma’s ethos aims to showcase the incredible local producers Sparkke works with.”

“I am very passionate about sourcing high quality local produce, and we continue to work closely with farmers to create our menu,” Emma continued.

Sparkke are also showing their appreciation by shouting a beer to all loyal customers.

Sparkke’s entire range of craft beverages will be available on tap including their award-winning apple cider and specialties; Sparkke Red Ale, Pink Lemonade, Desert Lime Draught, Dark Lager and Black IPA.

It is exciting to see our venues being able to open their doors back up to the public, get employees back to work and sharing their love for craft alcohol and fantastic food with the community.

This weekend Sparkke will be open for lunch only from Friday through to Sunday. From next week, they will be open Wednesday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Booking are essential.


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