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Founders First backs award winning Richmond female distiller

Craft beverage accelerator Founders First is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with fast growing Richmond distiller, Brogans Way, in a move that will help connect its award winning gin with more people.

Under the agreement, Founders First will invest in Brogans Way, while the Indie Craft Collective will sell the business’ gin products to venues and retailers across Australia.

Founder of Brogan’s Way, Brogan Carr, said Founders First’s model of investing alongside distillery and brewery founders was appealing to her.

“Starting a gin distillery has been my mission for three years,” Brogan said.

“The Founders First model allows our team time to concentrate on what we love and do best, make a gin for every occasion and a venue where the community can come together and enjoy it.

“The investment means we can spend more on the distillery, while Founders First can help with other professional services, including improvements in how we supply and sell gin to customers.”

The Indie Craft Collective, operated by Founders First, is a sales team of experienced professionals spread across Australia. The Indie Craft Collective manages the sales of independent craft products including Brogan’s Way gin, and beer from Jetty Road on the Mornington Peninsula, Foghorn from Newcastle, Sauce in Marrickville and Ballistic from Brisbane.

“Managing sales can be very challenging for small craft beverage producers, particularly if the objective is to bring the product to customers across Australia,” Brogan said.

“Sharing a team of 14 dedicated sales people across a small but growing number of craft distillers and brewers enables us to spread costs over several independent businesses, while benefiting from a team that none of us could have assembled individually.”

Located in the heart of Richmond, Brogans Way is a gin distillery and bar with a capacity of 120 people. The distillery produces a core range of five gins, plus seasonal blends, and are available online and from selected outlets.

Founders First CEO Mark Haysman added “we are particularly excited to be partnering with Brogan and her father Simon (who is the MD of Brogans Way) – we believe that Brogan is a leader of the next generation of distillers, not just in Melbourne, but nationally. She is a very talented maker, and we are backing her to support making her dreams a reality. Oh, and her gin is world class, as evidenced by the recent awards she has collected, with the Royal Blood Gin awarded Gold at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019, and Silver at the recent 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – an absolute credit to Brogan and her craft!”

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Contact: Paul Zennaro

For more information check out this brochure or visit Brogan's website.


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