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Founders First invests in high growth emerging beverage category

Founders First today announced it has reached an agreement to invest in the fast emerging alcoholic kombucha category, partnering with the founders of Torquay based K.BOOCH.

Alcoholic kombucha is a category that has high growth potential, given the significant expansion that has occurred within the US market.

Founders First CEO, Mark Haysman, said he was excited by the prospect of partnering with K.BOOCH, as he sees great potential in the independent regional producer that is an early entrant into the emerging category.

“Alcoholic kombucha is a category that has huge appeal to customers who are seeking an alternative to RTD’s, cider and wine,” he said.

“K.BOOCH is a product that is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of those seeking a natural better for you product that is produced using traditional methods, and is low in sugar, calories, and alcohol (at 4% ABV).

“Nick and Marlee have done an amazing job setting up their business. They experimented and applied some clever innovation to a product resulting in exceptional consumer experience.

“Their hard work has already paid dividends, with the product ranged by some of Australia’s leading liquor retailers.”

Alcoholic kombucha is targeted to younger consumers who are seeking naturally produced, better for you alternatives to mass-produced beverages.

Mark said the K.BOOCH brand has a significant opportunity across all channels, on and off-premise, as well as outdoor on the go consumption occasions.

Available in bottles, slimline cans, and kegs, investment by Founders First will allow K.BOOCH to accelerate brand awareness across Australia, boosting marketing investment to take advantage of the brands early market entry.

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Contact: Paul Zennaro

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