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Founders First launches new distribution model via national logistics partnership with Bevchain

We are pleased to announce that Founders First has signed an agreement with Bevchain (Bevchain Pty Ltd ACN 118 451 773) to operate a national logistics network that will manage cold store warehousing and transport across the country targeting craft beer. The cold store logistics network will be operational from November. The agreement includes a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for Bevchain and Founders First to work as partners to expand the network in time to potentially provide an Industry solution for Independent Craft.

Mark Haysman said: “This agreement is a significant step in our journey. There is currently no national cold chain Craft logistics solution in the country. To have the leading industry player in Bevchain building the infrastructure and providing Founders First with preferred supply services is a big endorsement of our model and future potential. We have significant plans to expand this further in time to potentially provide an efficient and effective industry solution for Independent Craft through leveraging the Mighty Craft platform and Bevchain’s infrastructure.”

Misha Shliapnikoff, President Bevchain commented: “We are excited to partner with Founders First to address what is currently a fragmented craft beer market. Bevchain is a specialist in the warehousing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, with a national cold chain network that is trusted by leading suppliers of beer, wine and spirits across Australia and New Zealand. We see this opportunity as a long-term partnership in which Bevchain can support Founders First and Mighty Craft with logistics infrastructure and expertise, underpinned by our strong commitment to safe and efficient supply chain operations.”

The partnership unlocks a new distribution model for Founders First which will significantly

simplify the business, drive cost out and enable “one Order, one Invoice, one Delivery.”

The new distribution model will unlock better service, lower cost and simplification for craft producers and retailers via a strategic partnership with Bevchain, the trusted beverage logistics partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand.

To read the full announcement click here


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