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Packaging begins for Foghorn and Founders Momentum Hospital Grade Sanitiser

Founders First is proud to share the hard work the team at Foghorn Brewery in Newcastle and South Australian based, Founders Momentum have been doing since COVID-19 has forced businesses to look for new ways to adapt. The collaboration between the two companies to create hospital grade sanitiser, under the licence from The Giving Brands Co, has allowed Foghorn Brewery Head Brewer and CEO, Shawn Sherlock to get employees back to work.

The premium sanitiser is 80% Ethanol which is 10-15% higher than the market standard and can be used both for hands and to keep surfaces within the workplace and home clean.

With the urgent shortage of hand sanitiser and as restrictions slowly begin to ease, strict hygiene habits will remain essential. Businesses, schools, universities and sporting clubs will need continued access to high quality sanitiser.

This project is a short-term opportunity providing a solution for both the community and Foghorn. Keeping staff employed is essential for mental health and well-being and crucial in retaining valuable employees for when businesses begin to operate as normal.

Over the weekend, the team began bottling and packaging the sanitiser ready for deliveries across the country throughout May. The sanitiser is available in four different sizes for hands or in a spray bottle to sanitise surfaces.

For a detailed list of sizes and prices click here. To place an order simply email


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