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Founder First Brisbane based brewery Ballistic have released a fresh look and taste beer

With a new look, tweaked recipes and renewed marketing messages to drive the Ballistic brand out of the current COVID-19 impacted environment and into the traditional beer buying periods of summer and Christmas.

“While the objective of the refresh was not to change prices, we didn’t feel we could reduce the alcohol percentage and save on excise without passing this saving onto our wholesale and retail customers.” said Ballistic Beer Co CEO David Kitchen.

Ballistics’ refresh was consumer led, with focus groups and online surveys conducted in the initial stages to help identify the direction of change. The can refresh means the designs are lighter, brighter and better reflect the personality of the updated beers so consumers can see the beers on the shelf and easily identify the style of each can.

Founders First sales team, The Indie Craft Collective have executed the relaunch brilliantly so far, with the new cans hitting shelves on Monday June 1st. The new and improved beers have been very well received by retailers and consumers.

Consumers can find Ballistic Beer Co. beers in pubs and bars, independent bottleshops, major chain bottleshops and Ballistic’s own breweries and bars.


The Salisbury-based craft beer brewery was founded in 2016.

In 2018, Ballistic opened its first off-site bar, Ballistic Alehouse and Kitchen in West End, and its Springfield Brewery, Alehouse and Kitchen opened in October 2019, with a brewery incorporated into the Alehouse.

In early 2020, Ballistic won Champion Large Brewery at the Royal Queensland Show Beer.


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